Rev. Eric Spoon6/10/2018
"Sabbath Life"
Mark 2: 23 - 28

Choir with Mary Lynn Barnes Solo6/10/2018
"Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone"

Rev. Eric Spoon6/3/2018
"We Are Family"
Mark 3: 31 - 35
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

Choir with Rick Brademeyer Solo6/3/2018
"Can I Pray For You?"

Rev. Eric Spoon5/27/2018
Romans 8: 12 - 17

"Under God"

Rev. Eric Spoon5/20/2018
Acts 2: 1 - 21

"When He Blest My Soul"

Rev. Eric Spoon5/13/2018

"Lord, Lead Me Home"